Cannabis: An Issue of Freedom

Hello friends. This post is the beginning of a series exploring the dark side of the emerging Cannabis industry. We are not sure how many posts it will take to get from the dark underbelly to the black heart, but avoiding the issue is no longer an option.

As a matter of introduction, “we” are a group of (extremely concerned) Cannabis people whose wariness about the developing industry has turned from concern into alarm. This project has been set up as a means of pushing back against the socialist justice fanatics that have hijacked the Cannabis cause as a means of advancing their insidious anti-American agenda.

That might sound harsh, but please understand we are not here to mince words. We are here because the people that have given their lives for the Cannabis plant did so because Cannabis is an issue of freedom, and those brave people continue to deserve a voice. However, enemies of America are now using the Cannabis plant to further an agenda that has absolutely nothing to do with Cannabis OR freedom, and those enemies must be stopped.

Cannabis is not an issue of social justice, Cannabis is an issue of freedom. We find it chilling that it is necessary to point out to “Generation Weed” that freedom and socialism are diametrically opposed philosophies that cannot coexist.

While it was freedom-fighters that got us here, the unfortunate reality is that socialists have co-opted our plant and the sacrifices of those brave souls for their own agenda. This is unacceptable: ┬áthe millions of Cannabis freedom-fighters that have given their lives for the plant deserve better than for the rest of us to just get high while we hand the industry to America’s enemies. There is no doubt that Cannabis is the next Great American Industry, and as such it presents an opportunity to begin taking our country back.

Coexistence is futile.


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