Cannabis, California, and the Rise of Socialism

The Cannabis Economy

There are extremely serious and rarely discussed effects of Cannabis Prohibition that few seem to understand, and this is having horribly destructive consequences on a whole generation of Americans.

Countless young minds have succumbed to a schism that has nothing to do with the direct effects of inhaled or edible Cannabis. In reality this is not even about Cannabis, it’s about economics. In the emerging Cannabis industry, the fact that many Cannabis freedom fighters have come to identify with socialist economic theories can be confounding.

People that have spent their lives fighting for freedom have come to embrace a philosophy that is diametrically opposed to they freedom they seek. So why is socialist philosophy so prevalent in the Cannabis world? This is actually a pretty easy question to answer, and it comes down to a simple cliché:  for many Cannabis people, money literally grows on trees.

Prohibition allows anyone with a little bit of fortitude to avoid having to get a job, and so for many well-intentioned weed people that operate outside of the system, understanding economic realities becomes virtually impossible.

This is all exacerbated by the fact that we find ourselves in a strange half-Prohibition that has allowed a whole generation to grow and/or sell a simple plant as a highly-valued black market commodity without fear of any serious repercussions.

In reality, Cannabis should not cost any more than the average item from the fruit and vegetable isle of your local grocery store. It certainly should not cost hundreds of dollars per ounce. Every passing day that we live in a nation of conflicting laws, the damage done approaches irreversibility.



The true effects of this quasi-Prohibition are extremely devastating, all the more so because they are seldom discussed. To really comprehend the damage, one must only take a quick glance at California, the true heart of the Cannabis industry. California’s adherence to socialist policies has the state in a dire fiscal and cultural situation that most are either ignoring or fleeing.

Those outside the Cannabis industry do not understand that California exports weed to the rest of the country on a scale that most cannot even fathom. California’s financial situation would be in total ruins if half of the young people there in their primes weren’t pumping an unimaginable amount of imported black-market dollars into the economy.

The truth is that if it wasn’t for all of the black market money generated by the underground California Cannabis industry, the state would have collapsed under the weight of liberal insanity a long time ago. If you don’t believe us about the state of California, take a look at this recent article from Victor Davis Hanson, who clearly sums up the current economic realities of liberal (socialist) California.

Hanson mentions legalization in passing, but the fact is that all of the economic issues facing California would be exponentially worse if not for the black Cannabis market. The effect that black market money circulating and re-circulating can have on an economy is nearly always underestimated, and there is no better example of this reality than the Left coast. If the black market is strong enough, the money will camouflage a great deal of faulty economic, political, and cultural (Marxist) endeavors.

If President Trump really wanted to cripple the emerging socialist dystopia, all he would have to do is completely remove Cannabis from all Scheduling and legal codes. A lot of Cannabis people advocate for this approach, and it would still be far more preferable for everyone than a move to Schedule II, but most have not thought about the immediate consequences of this idea.

If Cannabis became a free enterprise overnight, it is unfortunate but virtually all of the small Cannabis farmers and Cannabis companies would be out of business in less than a year. Massive corporations would move in and undercut everybody. The freedom fighters that were actually responsible for the demise of the Prohibition catastrophe would simply be out of luck.

If Cannabis were removed from Scheduling and there were no restrictions on shipping, huge corporations would immediately start battling each other for market share in an all-out price war that would decimate the current market.

Then all those Cannabis people that have kept California afloat with their black market dollars for so long would actually have to get real jobs. The cascading effect of this would likely cause quite a few people to rethink the insane socialist philosophy of giving free everything to everybody, since money would no longer be growing on trees.


Über Alles

To understand what would actually happen if Cannabis were removed from Scheduling, let’s really take a look at how many big companies operate. Some of the most well-known corporations operate at a massive loss with a focus on simply increasing market share and brand awareness. If these companies were able to enter the Cannabis industry due to federal restrictions being lifted, it would spell certain doom for most current industry players.

In a truly free Cannabis world, all of the small Cannabis entrepreneurs would be battling tobacco companies, liquor companies, distribution companies, billion-dollar venture-funded new players, and many other household brand names. That’s a losing battle, any way that you figure it.

If the restrictions on Cannabis freedom were completely removed, many of the biggest companies in the world would all begin simultaneously angling for market share. Big investor money would come pouring in to a select few. The competition between huge moneyed corporations would mean that the small-timers would be gone almost immediately.

Smaller businesses that need to be profitable to survive do not have big investors and are unable to play that game, and such a scenario would mean that expansion, profitability, and virtually anything other than a meager existence would become almost impossible.

There would still be a small market like the market for craft beer, but if most people could buy a high-quality ounce for a few dollars then most of the current industry players would simply need to find a new profession. The major corporations can stand operating at a loss for much longer than any small player could tread water. There is no way around it.

Consider then that the impetus to enter or stay in the Cannabis industry would be gone. Without the allure of being able to sell a fast-growing weed at black market prices in order to finance an oblivious lifestyle, only those that truly love the plant and also had a unique vision would be able to carry on.

Please understand these observations have been made after a lifetime inside the belly of the beast, not because of any sort of prejudice. We are here just trying to explain what would become inevitable.


The Bottom Line

The point is that if you live long enough without actually working for a living, then your mind does not comprehend that everyone working hard is how great civilizations emerge and thrive. America was built by innovative people that worked tirelessly to establish the greatest country in the world. However, if enough people stop working then America will fall just as surely as ancient Rome.

Prohibition has allowed Generation Weed to escape from the reality of economics. The longer a person lives an extravagant and carefree life by growing a few weeds in a closet, or by financing the same just from easily buying and selling a black market commodity without the possibility of repercussions, the further removed from reality they become.

Liberals somehow believe that everything should be free for everybody. They have no explanation of how this could ever be possible, but logic has never stopped socialism from spreading, and Prohibition has made California the epicenter of this madness in America.

We need to stop allowing a senseless war on a useful plant to camouflage the true destructive power of an extremely dangerous philosophy.




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