Cannabis Tincture: A Review and Other Thoughts

So first some thoughts on tinctures in general. Mainly I find it strange that tinctures are not more popular. Before prohibition, Cannabis was consumed mostly in the form of tinctures and syrups, but I guess these days people (including myself) are so into the different ways of smoking/vaping/dabbing, that the percentage of people pursuing such products will probably never return to pre-Prohibition proportions.

We can only hope that demand increases as legalization spreads and brings more specialty companies into the marketplace here on the east coast. Right now, however, a lot of dispensaries have a wide selection of flower, concentrates, and edibles, but not a wide selection of tinctures. Fortunately though I was able to get a decent one at the new Solar Therapeutics dispensary in Somerset, MA.*

The one I picked was the “THC Zen” from RevClinics. There was a pretty wide number of different products from RevClinics, so I got a few and will review some others, but I am not sure if there is any sort of relationship between the two companies.

Anyway the tincture is pleasant, but that is probably because I went slightly beyond the recommended serving size, which is 1 drop. I am assuming that is for legal reasons, but I can’t imagine anyone adhering to that. But for our own legal reasons, if you are going to partake we advise you to follow all recommended serving sizes in any product you ingest.

Generally for me 4-5 droppers before bed helps sleep come quickly. Then I wake up with the same in my morning coffee, rinse and repeat. It’s got a slightly minty flavor (from the peppermint on the label) so it’s pleasant under the tongue or added to a drink. It makes a rather nice dissolvable mouthwash actually, but again, such things are not recommended. And obviously it just takes longer to take effect if ingested instead of allowed to dissolve.

The tincture from RevClinics is a good product, and to be honest if I had the ends to do so I would probably consume it in fairly large quantities. But the prices at Massachusetts recreational stores are incredibly prohibitive in that it makes consuming anything in large quantities basically impossible.

In the end the real test of a product is whether or not you would buy it again, and while it went quick I’ll be picking up some more pretty soon.

*No money or products were given for this review. As will be the case for any future review, unless noted otherwise.

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