Chew Review

So I tried the fruit punch flavored fruit chews from Revolutionary Clinics the other day and was pleasantly surprised. These days all the dosages are so standardized that there is no point in blathering on and on about how high you got or anything, so I’ll stick to what is most important to me when having some infused treats.

When having edibles earlier in the day, I try to stick to the ones that will dissolve quickly. Just out of practicality, during the workday I generally try not to eat anything that will get me unpredictably high two hours after I eat it. With life moving as fast as it does these days who knows what could happen in just 2 hours time?

I was a bit wary since they were described as fruit chews, and that calls to mind unnamed mainstream candies that are too chewy for my liking. And as far as hard candies and their chewy counterparts go, I usually prefer something easier on the teeth and jaw. But it turned out the chews from RevClinics were much more akin to what I would call “gummies” than “fruit chews” or anything else.

The good thing about soft, squishy gummy candy is that they can be pretty quickly chewed and mostly dissolved. So I found I could eat a small handful pretty quickly, go about my day, and not be unexpectedly high later on. I think I will probably try some of the other flavors next time I am down at Solar Therapeutics or wherever else I come across them.

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