Unpopular Opinions (On The CBD Craze)

So this is unlikely to be a well-received opinion, but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that something strange is happening with the CBD craze. Don’t get me wrong, the influx of new companies into the marketplace makes sense with the recent easing of hemp laws. And it’s also true that many people wary of whole-plant Cannabis are more likely to first experiment with a non-psychoactive product.

However, just because it makes sense on the surface doesn’t mean there isn’t a hidden hand behind it all, as is so often the case with world events. To illustrate the point, let’s take a look at another craze that overwhelmed America a half-century ago:  the acid wave.

LSD took the country by storm back in the 1960s, with effects that continue to ripple through the present day. But the LSD wave didn’t just appear naturally, and it wasn’t all Owsley Stanley and his acolytes as the mainstream history books would have you believe.

Certain intelligence agencies were heavily involved in the production and spread of the mind-altering and mind-melting drug. It was not a small operation, and even to this day they lie publicly about their true motives and objectives. They enlisted some of the greatest minds in the world, minds like Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary, and it wasn’t as part of some sort of mind-control-experiments-gone-wrong disaster as they would have you believe. 

The fact is that a drug like LSD permanently alters the brain, leading it to more readily accept questionable ideals without critical examination, and that is the real reason it was unleashed upon America’s youth. Those youth then grew into academic and political positions and to this day wage war on the ideals of our Founders. 

To recap, an intelligence agency that was riddled with unsavory characters forced upon American youth a drug that transformed society forever, but we are all supposed to believe it was just some mind-control experiments gone awry. Sounds more to me like the operation was wildly successful. As much as I enjoy blindly accepting official explanations of events, gonna have to pass on that one.

This is an uncomfortable truth, but what is known today about the motives of some unsavory agencies was just as true back then, the only difference was that clandestine operations were easier to hide. While this may or may not have any parallels to the present-day CBD craze, it is important to keep in mind that even when you see society appearing to move forward, it’s important to take a look around and make sure it’s a direction you really want to go.

What could go wrong? With microchipped tags on every Cannabis plant in the country, something that would allow authorities to basically eliminate everything overnight in the case of a political sea change, I’m surprised more people don’t see the potential dangers that lie ahead. But we’ll get to that. More unpopular opinions, to be sure.

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