In Support of Tulsi Gabbard

“We cannot afford to walk down that dangerous path of government overstepping it’s boundaries into the most personal parts of our lives.” –Tulsi Gabbard

While it remains to be seen whether or not Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard will reconsider running as a third-party candidate in the 2020 Presidential election, the fact is that her entry into the race can only have a positive effect on the current state of American politics. Even those (like myself) that aren’t the most keen observers of political theater can tell that she is a different kind of Democrat. And when the leaders of the Democratic Party start calling one of their own a Russian asset that means to pay attention.

Not only is Gabbard on the record as being strongly in favor of Cannabis legalization, but her positions on everything from ending regime-change wars to keeping the American people safe make her the ideal leader to bring more common sense to American politics. After all, just because someone likes Cannabis does not mean they want their streets covered with shit, piss, and infectious needles. And while Trump has done some good things as President, the fact is that Cannabis remains illegal and the country is more divided than ever.

This lack of progress on Cannabis legalization at the federal level is completely unacceptable. In Los Angeles a person can go to a Cannabis cafe to smoke while they eat, but in godforsaken hellholes like Nebraska you will end up in prison for 5 years if you get caught vaping in your own home. Certainly having such diametrically opposed laws vary from state to state is not doing anything to help unify the country.

And don’t come at me with states’ rights arguments. I believe in states’ rights, but I do not believe that the state can ever be justified in violently kidnapping and imprisoning citizens over Cannabis. The fact that Cannabis arrests are increasing is inexcusably absurd, and something needs to be done politically to force law enforcement officials and state politicians that disagree with Cannabis legalization to stand the fuck down.

Tulsi Gabbard understands the need for a sensible federal Cannabis solution. She has a non-interventionist military philosophy, and seems to apply a common-sense approach to many of the problems in American society today. That makes her our choice to lead the Democratic Party into the future, and we hope she reconsiders and runs on a third-party ticket.

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