Review of “Betty’s Eddies”

Last week I was able to sample some of Betty’s Eddies for the first time. And while I am generally not too enamored with “eddies” as a slang term for Cannabis-infused cuisine, after trying the chews that Betty’s is putting out there I can’t hold it against them. Plus it rolls off the tongue, and a memorable company name can go a long way in a stiffly competitive marketplace.

They had three flavors to choose from, and while I would usually try everything, peach is a non-starter so I just grabbed the assorted fruit chews and the Bedtime Betty’s. It was $20 for each pack of 5 chews, with each chew containing 20mg THC. They were all quite good, and while some “fruit chews” are soft and can be chewed quickly, the offerings from Betty’s are taffy. I usually prefer to let candy edibles dissolve in order to get a more immediate effect, and the Betty’s are full of flavor as they roll around the tongue the way their brand name rolls off it.

My favorite of the two packs were the assorted fruit chews, but really that is just personal preference. The Bedtime Betty’s were good, but I’m not a huge fan of lemony tartness, and since other medicines help me sleep, I can’t speak for or against their stand-alone efficacy. Certainly though if your palate prefers the tart citrus to the sweetness of berry then you may want to try them.

A quick review of the company website reveals that Betty’s are made in small batches with quality (non-GMO) ingredients. For me this is of absolute primary importance. In my experience smaller batches is almost always a good thing, whether talking about Cannabis, beer, bread, or anything else. It means that more care is usually taken at each step, especially in the sourcing of ingredients. And while some may not mind genetically engineered food, I am all set with participating in an irreversible and wholly untested human experiment that requires the complete annihilation of billions of years of ecological harmony. But I digress.

Their website indicates they are based out of Illinois, and it appears they have a pretty solid footprint there, having been established in 2014. To be perfectly honest I was kind of surprised I hadn’t heard of them before. But hopefully Betty’s Eddies continue to expand as bureaucracy allows and the local haunt keeps them stocked moving forward. Not only are they a tasty snack, the Cannabis industry needs to maintain a small-batch ethos moving forward as mega-corporations try to move in and take control. TYK.

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