The Slater Center: First Impressions

So this week I finally took my first trip to the Slater Center in Providence. I’ve driven by it a thousand times and tried plenty of their products, but until I finally got around to getting my card recently I had never been inside.

I decided to get my card when Rhode Island added Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to the list of qualifying conditions. Certainly that wasn’t necessary, as anyone can get an out-of-state card online for a fraction of the cost, and the local Cannabis doctors approve anyone who says they have chronic pain. It’s as easy as it should be to get a card, and perhaps it was simple laziness, perhaps it was the Asperger’s preventing me from jumping through silly hoops, perhaps I just philosophically disagree with the fact that I need government permission to responsibly enjoy anything that helps me and does not harm anyone else, but I finally just decided it wasn’t a hill worth dying upon.

While the above may be true, practically the prices and options became too good to resist, and so I’ve finally caved to reality.* And as so often happens when acceptance unburdens the soul, it’s been cathartic. The Slater Center was well-run, the folks were friendly and patient, and the products have all been to my liking thus far. I’ve tried the edibles, tincture, disposable oil pods, hash, and almost everything except the flower. Not because they didn’t have some decent options, but I was already happily set in that area.

My favorite thing so far was probably the 50mg chocolate chip cookies that come in packs of 2. For me that’s a perfect bedtime snack, because I’m probably going to eat a couple cookies before bed anyway so it fits with my routine. And 100 mg is just enough to start blurring the line between yourself and your bed, allowing you the tactile, fuzzy sensation of paradoxically floating above your bed while simultaneously melting into it.

The biggest mistake I made was going first thing in the morning. I figured that would be the best time, with some wake-and-bakers taking awhile to get going, but that turned out to be a huge miscalculation. The line was out the door and down the sidewalk, but to the credit of the setup and the people there, it moved rather quickly. Once you get inside, there are two options: take a number and wait to talk to a budtender, or place an order at a computer kiosk and wait for them to call your name. I chose the latter, and really the thing that took the longest was me standing indecisively at the kiosk placing my order. Of course, if I had been planing on getting flower I would have chosen the former, as a picture on a kiosk screen isn’t going to help very much when making a decision about a product whose olfactory qualities are of primary importance.

In the end I was most impressed with the variety of edibles. Since I live in the area I was already pretty familiar with their products, but it will take time to try all of the different chocolates, gummies, caramels, brews, topicals, and all the rest of it. Considering proximity the Slater Center would probably be my main shop regardless, but with the selection and the prices I will be a happy regular going forward.


*With sincerest apologies to the good people and friends I will no longer be patronizing.

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