Unpopular Opinions (on the Problem with Dispensaries)

So I think one of the main problems with dispensaries is not so much a problem with the stores themselves, but more with us, the customers. Have you ever noticed how long it takes some folks to complete a transaction at the budtender booth? For those in line that know what they want or are able to come to a quick decision, the lengthy wait times can be unnerving.

Obviously, if there are a lot of flower choices it can take a little while to smell everything, but that is not really what is taking people so long. The problem is that half of the customers get to the front of the line and all of a sudden they think they are in a friend’s living room passing around a joint/blunt/bong/rig/whatever. What should be a relatively quick interaction with a counter clerk becomes marijuana storytime.

So this is just a PSA to everyone: please take care of your business and be on your way. Now that Cannabis is legal, it’s just like walking into a convenience store a and buying coffee and cigarettes. The clerk doesn’t care to hear about how you smoke or how often or about that time you drank way too much coffee and had to go to the hospital because you thought you were gonna die. Not to mention the other customers, some of whom use Cannabis for medical reasons that make being outside their homes uncomfortable. So for everyone’s sake, let’s move along.


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