More Thoughts on Dispensaries and Market Competition

So after frequenting the Slater Center in Providence for the last couple months I have come up with a few critiques and questions about their products and practices.  Unfortunately, there is no competition except the black market, so they have no reason to change any of their ways.

As far as edibles go, they have no organic offerings and virtually all of their edibles are made with artificial flavorings and other ingredients.  I absolutely guarantee that will change the day there is another store allowed by our (totally not corrupt) leaders government. And, while I admit that the good people of Providence may not be as discerning as left coast hipsters, the fact of the matter is that a lot of these dispensaries are going to have to rethink some of their practices when their legislative lifeline is finally severed.

So unless I missed something, all of the candy had artificial flavoring and so I can’t report on the flavor.  The 100mg 2-pack of chocolate chip cookies did the trick and didn’t appear to have any sketchy ingredients, but still I wouldn’t buy them for the flavor.  

And that is the main point here.  The edibles you eat should be the same as the other food you eat, just with an added Cannabis ingredient.  If you wouldn’t scarf down a bunch of hard candy before bed unless it has THC/CBD, then candy edibles probably shouldn’t be your thing.  Maybe try some tincture or something.  But I digress.

The only edibles I really feel comfortable purchasing at the Slater Center going forward on a regular basis are Betty’s Eddies, which I hope they keep in stock.  At least with Betty’s, I know from the label and the website (and the taste) that they are all natural and non-gmo and free of unnecessary additives.  With the rest of the in-house edibles at the Center, the labels are basic and nobody really seems to have any answer to any question that I ask about ingredients. 

If you are looking for a nice selection of waxes, concentrates, extracts, and the like, then forget about it.  You can buy their pre-loaded cartridges that are only compatible with the batteries they will sell you, or you can buy a single variety of terpene sauce in a syringe.  Highly questionable.

Still, I like the Slater Center and the people are great, but some of those things are going to have to change.  Not because anyone complains or says so or anything, but because the marketplace will force their hand.  When it comes to the Cannabis industry, transparency will be absolutely critical.  

That is a lesson that a lot of these people entering the industry will fail to see and it will cost them dearly.  Transparency seems counterintuitive in this world, but the Cannabis industry has always been different in that the plant basically sells itself.  Even on the black market, all you ever needed was the best product at the best price and everything else would take care of itself. 

In the end, getting people the best product at the best price is what capitalism is about and it is what the legal Cannabis industry should be about. Even if you only have one or the other you should still be able to make it. But if you have neither you will lose everything. Only time will tell if that philosophy will hold true in a federally legal market.

The only real certainty is that if the federal government ends up playing favorites like Rhode Island has, then we’re all screwed.

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