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Edibles Club® Product Rewards Program

Utilizing the fastest, most entertaining and user-friendliest of all cryptocurrencies, Banano. ($BAN)


Hello banfam. This page is only for y'all for now, as it is still under construction. First I should mention that there is no official affiliation between The Edibles Club LLC and the folks at Banano. And by way of full disclosure The Edibles Club LLC own (by purchasing on exchanges) only about 1% of the market cap for this project.

You may see me pop up from time to time in the Discord as "Bonanno" because that's my name and explains how I stumbled upon the Banano community. I was in the planning stages of releasing a cryptocurrency-based rewards program, and then I found out these forking guys already had my name. Well, you say Banano, I say Bonanno, it's that sort of thing, but instead of calling the whole thing off, I took a closer look at Banano and liked everything I saw. It was about community, and as it was being given away for free, there was no suspicion of an exit scam. Cannabis companies and blockchain companies are quite similar in that regard, and probably 90% of both consist of nothing more than press releasing exitscammepreneurs.

For all of those reasons I chose Banano to function as a sort of rewards program for Edibles Club® products, but as the price of Banano rises, so this promotion will expire when it becomes no longer feasible to maintain. We at The Edibles Club LLC have sole discretion on the termination date of the promotion. Of course, if this is successful I will eventually have to either adopt another coin or release our own cryptocurrency as $BAN moons.

Sorry for the long intro, but here it is: first, anyone that wants to pay directly using $BAN can have 50% off of Edibles Club® products. Our products are top of the line and so are our prices, so that is an unbeatable deal. That goes for all of our CBD products in stock here, and also all of the products that will be available at CannabisFlower.com in the near future.

Anyone that is paying through normal means will RECEIVE $BAN rewards with their order. The $BAN rewards will be equal in number, but obviously not in value. So for instance, someone spending $47.24 USD in our store will receive the products they ordered, as well as a scannable code to redeem for the same 47.24, but in $BAN to their Kalium wallet.

In the end, it would mean that, if $BAN even hits $1.00 USD, Edibles Club® customers could cash out for everything they have ever spent with us. If you use a lot of CBD or smoke a lot of Cannabis, that would be like putting all the money you spend on Cannabis into the bank instead of just watching it (forgive the pun) go up in smoke. For our regular customers, it will acquaint them with crypto and it could lead to a windfall in the end. Everybody knows digital currencies are the future, and this is a great way to get people on board in a way that makes extremely practical sense.

This accomplishes multiple objectives. It introduces people to cryptocurrency, and once folks are introduced to something like $BAN, other coins may come to seem antiquated, and certainly less entertaining. Personally, I like the Banano thing, I want my company to operate at the forefront of Cannabis and technology, and this offers people a way to not only understand crypto, but to maybe not have to be stuck paying through the nose for average products. Because our products are always the best.

I will be adding a section to the site that makes calculating and paying with a $BAN discount easy to do, but in the meantime Banano as a promo code will get you 25% off.


And if you've come this far, here is a blog that will enrich your lives a hundredfold:


The 10 Best Songs Ever Written About Monkeys


10. "Bananas and Blow" by Ween - Not really about monkeys so we are off the tracks already.

9. "Monkey Wrench" by Foo Fighters - This is actually not true, but I'm pressed for time and don't want to argue with anyone.

8. "Monkey Gone to Heaven" by The Pixies - Not even the only song on this list about space monkeys.

7. "Space Monkey" by John Prine - Told yez.

6. "Monkey Wash Donkey Rinse" by Warren Zevon - The best songwriter of all time, and it's actually a pretty average tune by Zevon standards.

5. "Too Much Monkey Business" - There are too many great versions to name.

4. "Apeman" by The Kinks - Is this cheating?

3. "Gorilla, You're A Desperado" - I'm pretty sure this is. Another Zevon classic though.

2. "Tweeter and the Monkey Man" - Timeless classic from The Traveling Wilburys.

1. "Porcelain Monkey" by Warren Zevon comes in at #1. And yes I could have put more Zevon songs on here, so consider yourselves lucky.

*Honourable mention to "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey" because I forgot it and it should be in the Top 5, which means I would have to redo the list, which I'm not doing.

There you have it. Anybody that suggests that (since I like Warren Zevon so much) I should write my next blog about werewolves will be hunted down and ritually sacrificed. Otherwise, I think my contact form is working if you want to tell me how right I am about this list or want to get in touch.