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Edibles Club® CBD Products

Edibles Club® CBD Products

Posted by MB on Feb 16th 2020

In my 25 years around Cannabis I have always been a "whole-plant" advocate, and so for a long time I had suspicions about the CBD craze. Part of that wariness stemmed from the fact that the products I had tried did not seem very effective. Not only that, but I so completely distrusted some of those trying to remove THC from the equation that I was blind to the reality that advocating for CBD did not equate to advocating for eliminating THC.

All of that changed when I began to try a wider array of products, and I eventually came to realize that the real problem with CBD is that the marketplace is so overcrowded with new companies and products that nobody really knows who to trust or what works. Even those that are genuinely curious about the Cannabidiol trend might become so overwhelmed with options that they simply avoid it altogether out of a perceived fad-fatigue.

With that in mind I began looking for the best and most transparent CBD suppliers on the market. After some rather enjoyable market research, I've found (and am now extremely proud to announce) what I believe are the most effective and consciously produced CBD topicals, tinctures, and (of course) edibles on the market today. We even have the finest treats for your furrier friends. Check out our current menu of products, sign up for our mailing list, and check back often. Thanks.