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The Edibles Club?

Edibles Club® is a resistance to tyranny in all forms. We reject the chains of currency terrorism and encourage all businesses to to do the same. We will never close our doors, we will never wear masks, and we will resist to the death anyone that tries to force us to do otherwise on either count.

The primary weapon of the terrorists is currency. The ones that own the Federal Reserve are behind this election fraud coup just as sure as they are behind the fake virus just as sure as they are behind every war since they sank the Titanic.


We call for the decentralization of virtually all political processes, up to and including the transfer of Congressional power to a blockchain voting system directly controlled by the American people. 

We call for all businesses to become the new American militias. We should join with truckers and declare a new business state. This should be done worldwide even sooner, as the terrorists have made more inroads into every country on earth even moreso than America. NWO troops are stationed in numerous countries ready to attack anyone that dares to leave their house while arch-terrorists use a fake virus to attempt to permanently destroy our species.

That is what it comes down to. There is no virus, the fake “vaccine” will sterilize anyone that gets it, and all human reproduction will be permanently and irreversibly halted.

Over my dead body will this happen in America.

See, they want to destroy our entire civilization over a fake virus but there is one problem…


The time for whining about the loss of our rights is over. The time to coordinate a worldwide plan of resistance is here. As usual, America will be more than happy to take the lead. However, while this time our government itself is compromised, the American people will not roll over. We will not submit. We will identify the enemy, and we will destroy the enemy.

How? As the primary weapon of the worldwide terrorists is currency, we shall encourage everyone and every business to create their own currencies. To hell with what the currency terrorists think. It’s called civil disobedience, and while I know everybody is too terrified to not do everything the State says, I am of the opinion that we should try not acting like a bunch of pussies for a change and see how that works out.

Everything can be tokenized. Every company, every asset, every human being. Once that is done, we can burn all fiat currency to ash. Ironcially, it would still keep its worth. Tokenization can loosen the grip of central banking nazis, and that grip can be permanently undone by simply deciding on new means of exchanging goods and eradicating fiat.

If we all decide on the same plan there is nothing they can do to stop us.

By now there is no doubt that the entire Democratic party is illegitimate. Our enemies have been using blackmailed pedophiles like the Biden family to invade our country, and it has been going on for decades. Virtually every politician in Europe was installed fraudulently by the same means, they just finally got caught. Think Macron beat Le Pen in a fair fight? Yeah right. If you believe that I have some domain names to sell you.


In a nutshell…

I am calling for secession from the USD, not the USA.

I am calling for secession from the corporate USA, not the true USA.

Our country was hijacked through grammar fraud and currency terrorism.

By those same means, the restoration of the true United States of America will be brought about.

If you agree with this, then support our work. Cannabis is the only trade on earth that they do not completely control, and that is where we can begin to wrestle it back.

As most Cannabis companies are run by braindead communists, we stand virtually alone on our chosen battlefield.

Support us by purchasing products or donating, or by purchasing our NFTs on OpenSea.


This is war, Patriots. No more talking, no more hoping, it’s go time.

We have chosen our weapons carefully, and again, we will no longer be ruled in secret.

Anyone that purchases more than $100 worth of products will receive our rewards program token, $hoax. One billion tokens per hundred dollars spent is the current rate, to be reduced over time as project evolution necessitates. We also have an airdrop list, and for everyone that purchases a hundred dollars worth of products, one of the people on the airdrop list will also receive a billion tokens. Thus it is a free distribution model as well as a simple rewards endeavor.

As $hoax allocation decreases, the price of the NFTs will increase at a similar rate, forming a nexus of digital artworks that will guide the organization toward decentralization according to the will of our supporters. Provided, of course, that they are not communists. I will override the will of any communists, and nobody knows those baby-killing pedonazis like I do.

So how it works is that you buy things you normally would, you get the finest versions of those (Cannabis-related) things you enjoy, and you are also eligible to receive a new non-monetary socially experimental coin that will remind everyone forever the true nature of the real resistance. $HOAX will be migrated to Polkadot when appropriate.

However much fiat they print, we can burn more. We can create systems to suck it in and burn it down. Just like I have done here. This is how we reclaim the planet. But we are going to have to stand up to the terrorists right now, because all the NWO troops that are terrorizing good people all over the planet are going to be replaced with robots very soon, and then the game is up for all of humanity. The time to strike is now and we have to strike the Achilles Heel of the entire communist crux.

We can burn these fuckers right back to hell and we can use the blockchain to do it.

Support our work. These ideas can and will change the world if they spread fast enough. This is the only way.

God Bless and Godspeed, Patriots.

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